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Utensil 101 is the resource to help you navigate the agriculture and food industries. After all, if you meet with a farmer it may be useful to know the difference between hay and straw, or to know the basic understanding of how a combine works. It's answers to the questions you have or didn't even know you should have. The library below is a collection of short and practical videos that explain the topic at hand. But know that we are just getting started! New content is always being added and as a subscriber you'll have immediate access to it all.

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Utensil 101 Videos & Resources

A list of content now available

  • 1

    Three Things to Know

    • The People Who Are Farming In Canada

    • Farm Business Structures in Canada

    • Grain Farming in Canada

    • Beef Farming in Canada

    • Dairy Farming in Canada

    • Why The Weather Matters So Much

    • Growing Your Brand

  • 2

    What's the Difference?

    • Types of Dairy Barns

    • Types of Poultry Barns

    • Dairy & Beef Cows, as well as Cows, Heifers, Steers & Bulls

    • Hay & Straw

    • Field Corn & Sweet Corn

    • Beef & Veal

  • 3

    How Does It Work?

    • A Tractor

    • A Combine

    • Farmers Deciding What To Plant

    • The Signs Posted In Front Of Some Fields

    • Various Ways A Farmer Could Get Paid

    • Biosecurity Protocols

    • Beef Marketing & Getting Paid

    • Temporary Foreign Worker Programs

    • Supply Management

    • Farmer Organizations & Their Structures

  • 4

    Engaging With People

    • Selling to Farmers with Elaine Froese

    • Talking About Farming with Canadian Consumers

    • Understanding & Dealing with Activists

  • 5

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