Utensil 101 & Utensil Training

At Utensil.ca we have one mission: to help support you in your career in agriculture and food. Our resources Utensil 101 & Utensil Training are all part of that support.

Below you'll find more on all of the resources available, with many more on the way. 

Utensil 101

Resource Centre

Our Utensil 101 Resource Centre is the perfect tool to help you better understand agriculture & food. Designed for those new to the industry or those who find themselves in a new sector Utensil 101 breaks down the basics to help support your knowledge and understanding of how things work.

Utensil Training

Online training courses from agri-food leaders

Getting the training you need can be difficult. Sometimes the right course isn't offered at the right time. In other cases it can be expensive to be in person. That's why we've pulled together experts from across the industry to bring you affordable sessions that are matched with exactly the skills you want to develop.