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Our training programs are built to support YOU! After all, the people who work in agriculture and food are the backbone of the entire industry. Our library of training programs continues to grow, as does our list of trainers and experts that are here to help. Have a look around, and if you have any questions, find a way to contact us at the bottom of the page.


Transition Communications with Maggie Van Camp

This course is an excellent place to start for you and your family as you think about transition planning. After all, communicating your needs is going to be critical to any plans success.


Start your family's transition journey with these basic ideas

Building Better Social Media

with Andrew Campbell

This new course is your solution to ensuring your social media content is relevant and engaging to your audience. Whether you are just looking to learn a new skill or perfect your marketing plan, this course will have you coming away with an actual social media plan ready to implement.

So...Your Client Is A Farmer

This training program aims to help you build stronger relationships with your farm clients. This is perfect for those new to agriculture, or those looking to build on their current experience.

Advanced Media Training with Kevin Stewart

Our newest training program is a great next step in your journey to be more comfortable with handling media interviews or Q&A sessions.

Grow Your Brand is now available!

Join Crystal Mackay to learn more about the importance of growing your brand personally as well as for you organization. Click the link below to learn more about Crystal and what you'll be able to take away from the online course

Your Introduction to Media Training

This program is the perfect place to start if you want to become more comfortable talking with the media. From helpful tips before an interview, to advice from experts in how to stay on point, this program is a great start for you and your team.


  • What is UTENSIL Training?

    UTENSIL Training offers practical and personalized online training modules to help you increase your comfort and confidence to achieve your personal and professional goals in the agriculture and food sector.

  • Who should use it?

    Is helpful for those working within the food system looking to improve their professional and communications skills.

  • When will training modules be coming?

    The finishing touches are being put on the first modules with plenty more to be added over the next several months.

  • How much will they cost?

    Training will be offered at various rates per module, depending on the amount of content and the expert delivering it. Corporate & group rates will be available if you'd like to offer modules to your whole team.

  • I'd like to offer a course. How do I do that?

    We'd love to hear from you. Simply reach out to us using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

Want to include your training program?

Without in person events, online is the way to go.

We're always looking for people that are outstanding in their field! If you have a skillset in agriculture or food, and would like to create an online training course, let's talk. Not only can you build others up in the industry, but it can be a great source of income.