Improve your Social Media Impact!

This training program is a great step to helping you improve your social media brand. Using his guided process, Andrew Campbell will lay out key components that you need to think about BEFORE you start posting to ensure it has the desired impact. Those processes are laid out in their own chapters of the workbook:


This training program will cover the following areas:

  • Setting expectations

  • Who is your audience?

  • Social tool refresher

  • Emotions!

  • Dealing with haters

  • What are you actually going to post

  • Your plan

Meet your Coach

Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell is a farmer, award winning communicator & passionate farm advocate. With the farm, he and his family milk cows as well as grow corn, soybeans, wheat & hay in Southern Ontario. On top of farming, Andrew has become a familiar voice for farmers and agriculture issues in the mainstream media, conference halls & online, pushing the positive stories that farmers across Canada have to share with their non-farming neighbours. He’s received awards that have named in a Leader in Innovation, Champion, Game-Changer & Top Agriculture Influencer for his work through written word, photographs, videos and podcasts. Through that experience, he also works with companies and organizations in Canada and around the world, developing and implenting strategies with his company Fresh Air Media. He's also delivered hundreds of keynotes and workshops in North America and Europe.

What's included:

  • 2

    Self Evaluation

    • Pre-Course Self Evaluation

  • 3

    Social Media Training Video & Guide

    • Social Media WORKBOOK

    • Full Video : Building Better Social Media

  • 4

    Self Evaluation

    • Post Course Self Evaluation & Survey