Media Training Course

Your introduction to working with the media

This training program is a great first step to help you prepare for the next time the media calls. It’s specifically designed for people who work in agriculture and food, but the principles apply for everyone. This training is good for your personal development, as well as for any organization or sector you might represent in an interview with a blend of practical information, tips and practice.


This training program will cover the following areas:

  • Why working with the media matters

  • How the media works

  • What to do when the media calls

  • Practical tips and advice

  • What questions could you be asked?

  • Practice

  • Action Plans for future training & development

Meet your Coach

Crystal Mackay

Crystal Mackay is a recognized leader in communications and collaboration, with a specialty in public trust in food and farming.  She is a dynamic presenter and facilitator who has delivered over 1000 presentations around the globe.  Crystal is known for her sense of humour and down to earth approach to training to help you feel more comfortable.  She has been featured in well over 500 media interviews in her previous roles as communications specialist for Ontario Pork and CEO for Farm & Food Care and the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity.  In addition to her own interviews, she has trained and coached hundreds of spokespeople to be more comfortable and confident in all types of media, ranging from friendly to the difficult crisis communications scenarios. She created her own company, Loft32, in 2019 to help elevate people, businesses and the entire food system by providing training and coaching.

What's included:

  • 2

    Self Evaluation

    • Pre-Course Self Evaluation

  • 3

    Media Training Video & Guide

    • Your Introduction to Media Training WORKBOOK

    • Full Video : Your Introduction to Media Training Guide

  • 4

    Self Evaluation

    • Post Course Self Evaluation & Survey