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AGVISION Media's Kevin Stewart

Kevin Stewart is a media entrepreneur. After spending more than two decades working in the national news media with CTV, Global and Rogers Media, Kevin understands that today’s media platforms represent the most powerful instruments of influence in history. 

As an advocate for the food industry, Kevin believes the truth about food doesn’t stand a chance unless all the players in the food chain embrace and leverage the influence of the media. 

Kevin is a recognized leader in the communications industry with a speciality in the development of television and online programing. His own TV series, AGVISION, aired for a dozen seasons across the US and Canada. 

In addition to being the On-Air Producer of the Olympic Winter Games, and interviewing many of the world’s most remarkable entrepreneurs, Kevin is a sought after speaker in the areas of media impact on our mental health and leadership strategies during times of disruption.

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This program is your next step to being more comfortable and confident with the media and will include:

  • Be an Expert

  • Pulling on Loose Threads

  • ABC Answering

  • Control What Can Be Controlled

  • The Secret Sauce!

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Meet Kevin Stewart

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