So... Your Client Is A Farmer

The course to help you build relationships & business opportunities with farmers

This training program is a great first step to working more effectively with farmers. Whether you are directly working in the field or work for an organization that interacts with farmers or impacts their businesses somehow, this program is built for you!
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This training program is good for you personal and professional development, with a blend of practical information, tips and practice:

  • Why working with farmers matters

  • About the people

  • Farm business realities

  • Practical tips and advice from the field

  • Action plans

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Meet Your Coaches

Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel

A confident and dynamic speaker, Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel is energized to share stories from her modern-day farm. Her smart, humorous and myth-busting approach has made her a go-to resource for keynote speaking, agricultural industry consulting and media insights. Raised on the Saskatchewan prairies, Cherilyn and her family continue their love for the land while growing grains, pulses, oilseed crops and... two daughters. As an International Director for the Global Farmer Network, Cherilyn advocates for strong global trade relations and for farmers use of technological advancements. Elected as the first female president for the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association, Cherilyn challenged government policies that affected the business of agriculture and is a leader on important issues that impact farmers on grain transportation, governance and public trust. Recently recognized as one of the Top 50 Most Influential People in Canadian Agriculture, you can learn more about Cherilyn at

Crystal Mackay

Crystal Mackay is a recognized leader in communications and collaboration, with a specialty in public trust in food and farming and bridging the gaps between farmers and consumers. She is proud of her farm girl roots in the Ottawa Valley, where she raised purebred Charolais cattle to put herself through the University of Guelph and her family still farms today. Crystal has spent her entire career working with farmers of all varieties from across Canada and around the world. She is a dynamic presenter and facilitator known for her sense of humour and down to earth approach to training. She created her own company, Loft32, in 2019 to help elevate people, businesses and the entire food system by providing training and coaching.

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This course is just the type of training program you need to help build stronger relationships with your current and potential farm clients.